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Warner Bros. partnered with Xbox to create a limited-edition Xbox Series X and the world’s first edible controller (in solid chocolate!). Microsoft Experience Centres provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate the partnership with a theatrical window display and controller showcase. The challenge was to create a magical holiday experience that was irresistible from the street and delightfully interactive in-store.


For immersive authenticity and to build excitement, we created a life-size Wonka storefront in the main window of each MEC site, decorated with an extravagant cornucopia of textures and materials, including a hand-painted marble-effect façade. Candy-filled jars were stacked floor-to-ceiling and internally illuminated, evoking the palette of Xbox controllers. Celebrated Parisian puzzle-makers were enlisted to create an elegant and clever wooden puzzle centrepiece. Customers could solve them to win a variety of prizes and enjoy a cup of delicious melted chocolate.


The activation was a huge success in attracting interest to the store, Xbox and the controller, and Wonka, the movie itself. It consistently drove footfall through the period and increased customer dwell time in each store. The simple, whimsical appeal made it accessible to all

age groups, and Microsoft was blown away by the vision and creativity of the execution, which felt like it was straight from the movie set.

"A huge success in driving and keeping footfall to the MEC"

"Without a doubt, my favourite holiday window activation we've ever done”

“None of this insanity would be possible without your incredible partnership and shared vision”


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Fabrication & Installation
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