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Net Zero Pathway

At Spark, we understand the importance of playing our role in protecting the future of our planet, and though we recognize we're still at the beginning of our climate journey, we're committed to taking action.


The second half of 2021 was spent calculating our full carbon footprint for the baseline year of 2019. This represents the benchmark for tracking our environmental improvement over time. The measurement covers all indirect and direct scopes of emissions from energy, commute, business travel, waste to purchased goods. All our global regions actively contributed to the baseline data set.


We believe in transparency and being accountable for our progress, so have chosen to report all data to the not-for-profit CDP.


Our commitment is to annually measure our carbon footprint and continuously act through short-term emission reduction initiatives. But that's not enough - our longer-term goal is to reduce our emissions in line with a science-based pathway, within the 1.5°C boundary of global warming.


Together we can start to make a difference.

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