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A global team that works together to deliver ideas at scale and locally. Our unique culture is created by encouraging different perspectives from employees with diverse backgrounds, preferences, beliefs, and experiences that help drive creativity and problem-solving. 

Our environment is flexible, in which people thrive and do their best work, so everyone feels empowered to be their true selves. We’re always hiring, so please get in touch with the relevant Regional VP.

Open to collaborating with complementary agency partners. If you'd like to explore working together, please reach out.

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Claire Ashworth

Regional VP - UK

John Barker

President - North America

Anthony Blades


Caitlin Byrne

Group VP - Client Services

Sarah Craig

Regional VP - Europe

Leigh-Anne Colman

Global VP of People

Nicky Davies

Regional VP - APAC

Gwen Granzow

Regional VP - North America

Emma Hawkesworth

Global ISO Manager 

Melanie Morris

VP Business Development

Lana Moseby

VP of Global Finance

Meaghan Whyte

VP Business Development

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