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We believe that embracing differences is the right thing to do, it makes us a stronger team and better at what we do. Our goal is not to be different but to make a difference.


Always encouraging different perspectives from employees with diverse backgrounds, preferences, beliefs, and experiences helps drive creativity and problem-solving. It enables us to empathize with our clients and their consumers, as well as each other.


Designing sustainable and accessible solutions for our clients, we are mindful about the social, environmental, and economic impact of our actions. Proactively seeking ways to improve everyday touchpoints for the benefit of our planet.

We’re not where we need to be. But together we can make a difference.


Spark provides a flexible and inclusive environment, giving our employees autonomy to thrive and do their best work. We encourage people to be their true selves, sharing cares, concerns, and context so we can understand and respect one other. We trust and support each other without boundaries.

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