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The TH Foods marketing team conducted a full assessment of the Crunchmaster brand. Qualitative and quantitative research with consumers indicated that the brand needed a more contemporary look to appeal to their target consumers. Research also revealed that the #1 barrier to purchase was a lack of awareness of the brand. These findings created an opportunity to rethink the brand in its entirety. The subsequent refresh sought to further improve brand awareness and benefits communications.


We reinvigorated Crunchmaster’s product range graphics, to simplify the consumer experience and drive new shoppers. We also created a brand identity system ready for future expansion; establishing a connection between variants, while also enabling differentiation between “topped crackers” and “snacks.” The redesign featured mouth-watering photography and contemporary variant naming and typography, while a colorful chevron shape anchored the whole product range.


Following the redesign, sales data showed an immediate 4% sales increase, and 24% within 2 years. 26 new products were released as part of the brand expansion strategy–proof of the agile workflow we created between marketing, R&D and operations departments.

Following the refresh, research showed consumer findability at shelf improved dramatically, from 34 seconds to 18 seconds...a testament to the graphic improvements. Comparing 2021 and 2022, the new Crunchmaster pack outpaced the category and key competitors in both dollars and distribution. And to top it off, the project won a GDUSA design award!

“Spark's design work is cutting edge and always deepens the emotional connection between our brands and consumers...we have collaborated with Spark for over 15 years. It is a true win-win partnership.”

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