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Sydney’s Microsoft Experience Centre – the brand's flagship store, was ideal for promoting the partnership between Xbox and Barbie The Movie, with a fun and interactive experience. The need was to generate interest in the film, the custom Xbox products, and the Experience Centre as a destination. We were given prescribed spaces and fixtures to populate, including a window facing onto Sydney’s main shopping mall and an Xbox driving simulator. We were also asked to makeover a floor-based cube, known as a ‘wombat'.


The window space was perfect for a Barbie toy pack in real-world size. Customers could be photographed inside as real-life Barbies, and provision was made for wheelchair users to fit. A large circular floor decal reinforced the notion of this dedicated Barbie ‘zone.’ To reskin the driving simulator, we took elements from the car driven by Barbie in the film and matched the surrounding screen graphic with the sky blue background used in the movie's marketing. The ‘wombat’ brought it home with vibrant images of the custom Xbox controllers and a miniature Barbie house with dolls, to create the stage for the controllers and console.


Hundreds came to pose in the box, play in the simulator, and enquire about the custom Xbox products. The MEC team, Xbox, and Warner Bros. were all very excited about the buzz the activity created, dovetailing neatly into the enormous positive response that the film itself enjoyed.

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