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A Grammy-Winning Special Edition

The Grateful Dead

Since our LA studio was set up in 2021, the team has had the privilege of working with some incredible artists and their content.

Among the most memorable projects of 2022, was partnering with Rhino Records on The Grateful Dead’s “In And Out Of The Garden: Madison Square Garden ’81, ’82, ’83”. Aside from the pleasure of working with such a stunning 17-CD collection, featuring vivid artwork by Dave Van Patten and liners by award-winning music journalist David Fricke, we were delighted when it recently fought off a tough field of nominees to win the 2023 Grammy Award® for Best Boxed or Limited Edition Package!

Teri Eastwood Molls even got a shout-out in the acceptance speech! We were all immensely proud for her and Spark to be mentioned on a stage featuring music’s biggest names.

“I want to thank Teri and the team at Spark”

Dave Van Patten, Art Director

(in televised acceptance speech)

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