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We reinvigorated Crunchmaster's product range graphics, to simplify the consumer experience and drive new shoppers. We also created a brand identity system ready for future expansion; establishing a connection between variants, while also enabling differentiating between “core” and “artisan” packs. The redesign featured mouthwatering photography and contemporary variant naming and typography, while a colourful chevron shape anchored the whole product range. Sales data showed an immediate 4% sales increase following launch, and 24% within 2 years. And 26 new products have now been released as part of the brand expansion strategy. Proof of the agile workflow we created between marketing, R&D and operations departments.

“Spark's design work is cutting edge and always deepens the emotional connection between our brands and consumers...we have collaborated with Spark for over 15 years. It is a true win win partnership.”

TH Foods

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