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Security & Quality

For fifty years, our clients have relied on us for our creativity, quality and agility – being able to deliver not just on the long-standing project requirements, but also to adapt quickly to new ideas, technology, and evolution in consumer experience. 

With increased competition in the marketplace, the need to keep innovative product and launch information “under wraps” is becoming more critical. Add to that the increase in legislation around data privacy and the negative impact of a data breach on an organization’s reputation.


Risks to the security of all this information take many forms, be it personal behavior, vulnerabilities in technology and of course the growing increase in cybercrime. So how does an organization protect itself from so many variable threats? 

For Spark, certification to the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System has given us the framework to protect all our information through effective risk management. It has helped us identify new processes, educate our people, and implement technological controls. It has driven a culture of security awareness at all levels, which helps protect us from malicious activities. 

We apply the same approach to the quality of our deliverables with certification for ISO 9001 Quality Management. Our natural curiosity – how, why, what if – feeds into our commitment to continuous improvement, as we constantly re-assess the possible threats and identify better and stronger controls. Giving reassurance to our clients that all their data is safe in Spark’s hands.

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