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Spark creates over 850,000 assets a year across digital and printed formats, delivering content across more than 47 territories. For example, we produced 400+ assets for a single title for Disney+, including key art variations, compositions and retouching work. For Disney and Universal Pictures, we currently deliver over 55,000 on service assets per year and provide a range of services to suit the different content owner's requirements.



In the US and Europe, we work with Netflix producers media agencies, printers, creative agencies and activation partners, producing their out-of-home deliverable assets. One of our recent projects was The Witcher campaign, with 560 placements, and 15,400 assets across 11 territories. 



We also create launch materials for all new Microsoft product releases. These range from 13,000 packaging assets to 250,000 digital assets across a year. We work with their in-region subsidiaries, marketing, operations, legal teams and hand-in-hand with creative agencies, translators, publishers and retailers.



No matter the scale, we thrive on bringing the solution.

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