Celebrating the work of one of Britain’s greatest filmmakers.

Using complex manufacturing processes and unique materials, we engineered a stunning collector’s piece that was a real object of desire.

To commemorate the release of Alfred Hitchcock’s 16 classics, on Blu-ray, Universal wanted special edition packaging that did justice to this revered director.

The notion of the “filmmakers’ filmmaker” was our inspiration. Each disc was enclosed in its own replica film can and lined up as though on a director’s shelf. This was presented on a plinth in a beautiful Perspex display case in a fitting tribute to the great man’s finest hours.

We enriched the collection with a gorgeous array of replica memorabilia: a mini movie-magazine, reproductions of storyboards and old typewritten letters, with other collectible memorabilia. Our broad knowledge of materials and suppliers ensured that we could handle a project this complex, and our creative skill guaranteed that it is not only beautifully engineered, but stunning to look at. The reviews and sales surpassed expectation.