Creating a versatile, high-impact display for a wearable fitness device.

The launch of the Microsoft Band called for an informative and interactive in-store display.

This called for an engaging and premium display to champion the benefits of Microsoft Band over other wearable fitness devices, in a visually appealing structure that had to be both multi-purpose and secure, in a variety of situations.

The display incorporated a sizing strap so consumers could select the correct size band and, as a live demo band was also featured, we devised a discreet custom security system.

By fabricating primarily in sheet metal we achieved a security conscious solution that could flex according to in-store space. Acrylic display tiles made for an easy update of graphics, physical product or a complete refresh of the display if required.

Sales surpassed expectations by 38%. Requests for additional units from retailers outstripped supply and resulted in additional orders.

2016 Silver POPAI Winner: Consumer Electronics – Temporary Display