Branding and packaging for new premium artisan bakery range.

Ma Baker is a successful small bread-making business moving into creating delicious and wholesome biscuits and crackers.

The new brand was named Ma Baker Bakes, and our task was to develop a new brand mark and visual language.

The range needed to launch with design that was distinct enough to stand out and achieve good brand blocking on-shelf, with architecture that was robust and flexible enough for range expansion.

The resulting branding and packaging design is strong and distinctive, conveying the founder’s artisan bakery credentials in a premium, contemporary way.

Ma Baker’s core values, centred around tasty treats made from good quality, wholesome ingredients are backed up by back of pack story-telling.

The product has been favourably received by several premium retailers: anecdotal feedback suggests that the new packaging could allow Ma Baker Bakes to command a more premium price point.