Creating a buzz amongst key influencers and press.

Disney needed a new way to impress and delight journalists and influencers in anticipation of a special preview screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Great structural design plus clever technology can transform a product into an experience, so we set about bringing Star-Lord’s iconic Walkman to life, to remind our target audience of how great the first film was, and to get them excited about the new release.

Using cardboard engineering we recreated the legendary outer pack of the Walkman, and sent it out with a link to our microsite.

By downloading the app and placing their phone into the cardboard outer, they created their own Walkman experience, and could listen to “Awesome Mix Vol 2”.

The response was similarly “awesome” as journalists and key bloggers took to social media creating viral excitement.

And here are just some of the kind things that were said:
“This may be the greatest thing we’ve ever seen or heard.” Yahoo Movies
“Marvel marketing department: I salute you.” Radio 1
“This is the best and only portable cassette player in the galaxy.” Kerrang

With rave reviews, the film surpassed the original in box office takings.