Unifying a much-loved movie back catalogue and rekindling consumer engagement

Everyone knows Disney’s timeless classics - our challenge was to make them fresh again and stimulate renewed excitement in modern audiences.

We helped Disney Home Entertainment create a collectible, covetable DVD range. Spanning 52 titles across old classics and new favourites in beautiful new packaging.

We asked some important people – children – what’s so special about Disney films. They told us they always love the film’s hero, thus giving us the simple concept that brings this whole diverse range together.

The pack design focuses solely on the hero of each film, surrounding them with a halo and printed on rainbow holographic board, in a range of colours that creates a rainbow effect on the shelf.

We achieved instant emotional engagement through the characters and amazing shelf stand out due to a simple, consistent design system.

The result has been fantastic. Over 3 million copies were sold in the UK alone within the first year. Ongoing success has led to roll-out across multiple European territories, making the Classics range the most successful Disney Home Entertainment catalogue campaign, ever!

Our packaging design has become the benchmark for Disney Home Entertainment EMEA, redefining Disney’s approach to speciality packaging.