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Need hundreds of assets, in dozens of languages, in less than a month? When Netflix did, they called on Spark. 

With a month to go before Tudum, Netflix’s hugely anticipated global fan event, the streamer turned to us for a complex, multilingual project with multiple global and local stakeholders - and a third party linguistic partner on a different continent.

“You got this, right?” they asked - our answer was “100%” - and we always deliver on our promises.

Globalized Digital Content

Delivered at scale and speed.

The right people, processes, and tools were put in place for Netflix to trust us with their high-profile campaign. By day 2, we’d put a dedicated project management tool into operation and the project was underway.

Our nimble team of designers and project managers worked in step with Netflix’s linguistic partner and local marketing teams, in a hassle-free workflow that continued to be sharpened as the project rolled on.

We turned the challenge of being geographically spread out into a benefit; two full workdays in every calendar day thanks to the time difference, with linguist-designer handovers in the overlapping working hours. Combined with smart batching, it meant the flow between transcreation and local approvals was ongoing with deliverables pouring into our client’s asset management system.

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