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How could the things we do for Disney+, Microsoft and Netflix make a difference to you?

The game has changed. With nearly half of all players now female, and the same proportion aged 35+, gaming has broken the "young male" stereotype and stepped well into into the mainstream. And with two thirds of 16-65's playing on their mobile, there are more ways to join the fun than ever. The unprecedented interest in the metaverse and VR will only grow engagement further.

With a target audience encompassing so many demographics and lifestyles, reaching them all, with highly targeted campaign creative and messaging in the most relevant placements, means significant channel and format fragmentation for assets - and a need to deliver data-driven creative at scale.

With our heritage in providing creative design and smart production solutions across packaged games, major entertainment releases and streaming platforms, we at Spark are uniquely placed to support digital games publishers and platforms.

Gaming Meets Streaming

Two sectors with a lot in common.

A heritage in packaging

We're a long term trusted partner to packaged games publishers and console owners, like Microsoft, EA Games and Activision. For first party titles, such as Minecraft, Forza and Gears of War, we receive generic artwork and video files, and create the packaging assets for all 120 worldwide territories, localized into 26 languages, across gaming formats. From sleeves, to packshots to trailers and online video adaptations, we deliver every piece of creative required for launch - all fully localized. 

For Xbox packaging, we also create all the master packaging templates and a ‘Brand Guardian’ service for third party titles. All 380+ games publishers upload their artwork into our Proof HQ system for certification. 

Omnichannel evolution

We understand that online and mobile gaming are different to packaged games. We've already supported the entertainment sector in its transition from physical packaged product to digital and streaming, and have developed the knowledge, design skills and agile tech stacks to be truly channel agnostic.

For Disney+, we deliver 80+ optimized assets per title, handling all internal and external stakeholders approvals within a 1-2 week timeline. Across all entertainment clients, we deliver over 40,000 on-service and digital promotional assets/year in 40 territories and on 60+ platforms, through a variety of routes, from fully managed, to self-service or bespoke service options.

For more than 50 years we've been at the forefront of marketing transformation. Curious, committed, and collaborative people who love what we do; believing in the truth of data and the power of creativity. Our starting point is empathy and discovery.  A deep level of understanding enables us to think differently. And unlike others, our expertise in building agile tech stacks delivers brand consistency and scalability.

We're passionate about making a real difference to our partners.

Design | Adapt | Transcreate

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