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Beautiful Ideas - Fully Executed

We've got this.

Beauty. It's all in the execution.

Whether on everyday ranges, gift packs or limited editions, when it comes to reinventing health and beauty packaging, there are always more ideas and opportunities than resources to implement. The lingering sense of could have, should have, would have - if only we had more capacity, less complexity, more flexibility. An extension of the team that can be switched on and off as needed, but who, when called upon, can just pick up the idea and make it happen, seamlessly and without hassle.

We can. 

"You take us from idea to delivery, with flexibility and without hassle - and you mould around our needs"

Annabel Burdett

Packaging Manager – Gift Delivery

At Spark, we've built up years of expertise in health and beauty, with clients like Boots, Clarins, L'Occitane and Nude by Nature, taking ideas or concepts, and executing every aspect of structural design, artwork adaptation and production. We can source materials or manage third party suppliers, for speed, simplicity, quality and brand protection. We also provide precise CGI product imagery to replace photography, for speeding up campaign workflows, reducing costs and improving brand consistency.

The Spark Difference

But beyond our creative and technical expertise, our clients tell us we stand out from other agencies for our management, communication and delivery. We project manage every aspect and each handover, to minimise client side admin. We assemble small, dedicated teams who mould to each client - speaking the same language, embracing and fitting into their culture.  The tools we use can connect and integrate with existing systems, and take days rather than weeks to onboard. We make feedback and approvals easy - or can even approve on the client's behalf as brand guardians. 

We know we deliver real value to our clients - from beauty brand owners like Boots to those in other sectors like Microsoft, Disney and Netflix - because they stick with us, launch after launch, campaign after campaign. If you think we could make a difference to your brand, we'd love to talk.

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