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Two thirds of global consumers report being more conscious of their physical or mental health post pandemic. Younger generations (Millenials and Gen Z) are particulalry aware of looking after themselves, from taking more breaks and spending less time on social, to prioritising skincare as much as make-up. 

But there remain fragmented needs that brands and providers must attune to. For example, while back, muscle and joint pain affects 39% of of over 55's, 16-24s are more affected by stress and anxiety, with a third reporting it as chief concern. The challenge is targeting the right consumer, with the right message, at the right time.

Brands whose customers are the salons, spas and wellness providers catering to these consumers must show they are on the right wavelength - reflect the right brand positioning and messaging in their own marketing materials and packaging - to support their customers in effectively promoting their services to the end consumer.

At Spark, we're been long term partners to clients in the health, medical devices and beauty categories, helping them do just that. 

We support Omron to boost sales of their personal medical devices through packaging that balances branding and effective protection of contents, and flowing that through to marketing materials.  

Working with Philips, we help them drive demand for cutting edge professional equipment, in a highly regulated and sensitive market.

And in the cosmetics sector, we have a longstanding and deep relationship with Boots, providing end-to-end packaging design, development and production, as well as photorealistic CGI product imagery for both on-pack use and marketing campaigns.

For more than 50 years we've been at the forefront of marketing transformation. Curious, committed, and collaborative people who love what we do; believing in the truth of data and the power of creativity. Our starting point is empathy and discovery.  A deep level of understanding enables us to think differently. And unlike others, our expertise in building agile tech stacks delivers brand consistency and scalability. 

We're passionate about making a real difference to our partners.

Design | Adapt | Transcreate

You look great!

Marketing solutions for health and beauty

“Thanks to everyone who made this happen for us, we are really pleased with the results so far, can’t wait to see it in-store.”


"We used to have lead times of 4 or 5 weeks and some of them are now down to days"


"Spark is our key partner; they always have the solution"


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