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"Spark is our key partner; they always have the solution"


We support clients with high value, complex IP and intense launch periods, to improve their creative output and workflows - with immediate impact on speed and quality, followed by continuous improvement cycles for ongoing long term gains.

For Disney+, we deliver 80+ optimised assets per project, handling all approvals within a 1-2 week timeline. We provide a mixture of key art design or enhancement, platform and device optimisation and production services, followed by adaptation and localisation to the full suite of required formats.

We’re a long-term partner to content creators like Universal Pictures, in managing their high-volume creative adaptation and transcreation workflow and output for new releases. An efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution with excellent creative quality - with minimum admin and technical input from brand teams. Across clients, our workflow delivers over 40,000 assets/year in 40 territories and on 60+ platforms, through a variety of routes, from fully managed, to self-service or bespoke service options.

"We have complete transparency and trust in you...a true extension of our team"


Beyond platform assets, we reengineered Netflix's out-of-home creative adaptation and localisation, to meet the growing demand for international campaigns, enabling them to balance standout installations on a global scale, with speed and agility in taking advantage of last minute local opportunities. Simplifying and honing the process, we integrate transcreation to reflect nuanced cultural differences, centralise approvals and minimise client admin, and facilitate the sharing of creative ideas.

Streaming Asset Production Workflow

Creativity and efficiency can coexist

For more than 50 years we've been leading marketing transformations. We've always started with empathy and discovery, and our twin passions of creativity and tech help our partners make true step changes to their creative operations.

Design | Adapt | Transform

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