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Do you have challenges with brand consistency and localization?

Are your product launches becoming shorter and faster?

Do you want to make savings on artworking costs?

With brands transforming and clients needing their teams to be focused on driving their business forward, Spark became the trusted parter of major gaming brands to manage their packaging and marketing collateral production and localization processes.

We started on a journey of discovery, identifying the true need and navigating to the necessary improvements. By experiencing the process first hand, we cared enough to make a meaningful impact and delivered a clear plan on the changes needed.

For Microsoft, EA Games and Activision, we built a custom platform that operates globally. Spark manage everything from master creation, local versioning, back-of-pack design, templates and approvals. Unlike other agencies, our tech stack agility enables us to fully integrate with marketing, operations and third parties from developers, key art creators, media agencies to LSP's. Providing optimum transparency and efficiency, client teams are able to turn their time and focus to strategic initiatives.

For Microsoft-owned (first party) titles, such as Minecraft, Forza and Gears of War, we receive the generic artwork and video files, and create the packaging assets for all 120 worldwide territories, localized into 26 languages, across the Xbox, PS, Nintendo and PC formats. Printed assets include sleeves and o-rings, disc labels, in-pack leaflets and cards. Digital assets range from packshots, to trailers and video adaptations/cut-downs, all fully localized.

For third party games, we create all the master Xbox packaging templates, and provide a ‘Brand Guardian’ service for Xbox packaging. All 380+ games publishers upload their artwork into our Proof HQ system for certification. When third party titles are included in Xbox Console bundles, we often also create the required sleeves.

For more than 50 years we've been at the forefront of marketing transformation. Curious, committed, and collaborative people who love what we do; believing in the truth of data and the power of creativity. Our starting point is empathy and discovery.  A deep level of understanding enables us to think differently. And unlike others, our expertise in building agile tech stacks delivers brand consistency and scalability.

We're passionate about making a real difference to our partners.

Design | Adapt | Transcreate

Games Launches Made Easy

Brand. Execution. Optimized.

"We used to have lead times of 4 or 5 weeks and some of them are now down to days"


"When my sh*t’s f*@%ed up, you un-f*@% my sh*t."

EA Games

"Spark is our key partner; they always have the solution"


"We're scoring you 98% on innovation and technology"


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