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Product Launches Made Easy

Brand. Execution. Optimized.

Do you have challenges with brand consistency and localization needs?

Do you need your teams to spend more time driving the business forward?

Do you have shorter and faster product launches?

With launches accelerating, and Microsoft’s territories multiplying, their teams faced huge strains in managing peaks whilst maintaining quality and consistency. Spark were asked to find a better way.

We started on a journey of discovery, identifying the true need and navigating to the necessary improvements. By experiencing the process first hand, we cared enough to make a meaningful impact and delivered a clear plan on the changes needed.

For Microsoft, we built a platform that operated globally, removing the complexity of co-ordinating multiple partners, and delivering a single source of data that propelled the model across all omnichannel assets. As trusted long-term partners, we continue to make improvements to their workflow, adding value at each product launch. Today, we're able to deliver well over 100,000 localised digital and physical launch assets across 45 territories, in a 4-week period.

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